This is definitely a must for every woman who feels the need to be able to defend herself in these times where unthinkable situations is now commonplace. It was tough and hard work but definitely worth it, knowing what I know now. Thank you Bruwer!!


Farmer's Wife
Graaf Reinette


"I have no idea why I waited this long to take a self defense course?! I’ll admit that I was extremely intimidated by the thought of signing up for a defense course, let alone an Israeli-based one! But without a doubt, it has changed my life and given me a different sense of confidence that I never thought I’d experience in my life. Not only was Bruwer, the Kalah Instructor, extremely professional and attentive but he was patient and courteous with me when I did not get some of the moves right. He had no problem with continuously explaining and re-explaining when and why certain movements are executed throughout the 5-day course. He was also wonderfully thorough in letting us, as his students practice the Kalah movements relentlessly, to ensure our muscle memory would serve us for a very long time after the course was completed.
I can not gloat enough about this course. It is seriously the best money I have ever spent on myself - and that says a lot, because I like my facials and getting my hair done!
If you sign up for this training: be prepared! You will sweat. You will feel an adrenaline rush. You will be forced to focus 100%. You will be tired at the end of the day. Make no mistake - this course is designed to train you how to "totally annihilate" your attacker, and if I can do it, then you can do it too!"


Elizel Long
Ex Professional Ballerina and co-owner at Pilates of Charleston

"The peace of mind that I now stand a chance against an attack is priceless!!"



"Taking in consideration my disability and severe back problems I needed to find some self defense that would teach me the basic fundamentals as to what my body would allow me to do in protecting myself and my loved ones - Bruwer from Kalah Israeli Self Defense was committed in helping me to overcome my fear and was well aware of my condition and he did it so professionally and effortlessly to make it most effective as to what my body could handle. I ask every person today to highly consider KALAH as you will only benefit from this and it will make you be more prepared and aware for the unknown. Thank you Bruwer this has given me more confidence and made me so much more aware of my surroundings- Highly recommend KALAH and the professionalism of the instructor Bruwer."


Franna van Greunen
Weldtech Auto

"I will highly recommend this to everyone. Best chance of surviving an attack."


Dr. Bernard
Graaf Reinette

"This course definitely gave me skills and self-confidence to defend myself. I pray I never have to use it. You are a great teacher, Bruwer!!"


Owner - Twee Waters Guest Farm

"To every citizen in SA, me and my daughter did a 5 day course with Bruwer in Aug 2018 and that was the best thing I ever did in my life. I want to beg every road runner or cyclist, every husband and wife and every mother and daughter to please do this course with Bruwer. You will never fear a panga, a knife and a fire arm again in your life. Most of all ladies RAPE!!! Please do this course!!! A.S.A.P."


Owner Splendour Health and Hydro Spa
Port Elizabeth

"I attended the Kalah self defense course offered by KALAH EC. I was skeptical at first but the course exceeded all my expectations. The simplicity and effectiveness of the system is to such an extend that anyone can easily learn and apply the techniques to most any circumstance. If the technique is applied correctly, a much larger assailant could easily be disarmed and rendered incapable. Be warned though: this course is strenuous and demanding and not for sissies but definitely worth the sweat and effort."


CEO - Eastern Cape Accounting and Tax

"My experience was that the course was very relevant and instructive. It gave me much more confidence to live on the farm."


Graaf Reinette